Here are answers to some of the more common questions about living in Village Grande

Where is Village Grande Located?2023-04-19T07:00:16-05:00

Village Grande is in Ancient Oak, located on the Northwest side of Peoria, Illinois. Take Route 150 / War Memorial Drive west to Orange Prairie Road, turn left, southbound. Turn right on Ancient Oak Drive, and follow straight, driving through the Village Grande entry gates.

What makes Village Grande unique?2023-04-27T14:46:41-05:00

Aside from the spacious and beautiful homes, our 26 acres includes natural areas that will never to be developed, making Village Grande a tranquil and park like place to live. There is no other place like Village Grande in Peoria IL. You will be so pleasantly surprised.

Village Grande also has a sense of community like no other neighborhood. We have both planned and spontaneous gatherings in our common areas during the year which promotes the feeling of a community.

What is the Association Fee?2023-04-19T07:15:14-05:00

The Association Fee is $250 per month.

What does the Association Fee cover?2023-04-19T07:04:06-05:00

The monthly Association Fee covers the maintenance of the common areas (lawn mowing, in-ground watering, tree and plant management, street and entryway lighting, roads and sidewalks, entry gate system, signage, storm water utility, websites, holiday decorations), as well as the snow removal, lawn watering, and maintenance of the front facing plants and bushes of each of the homes. There is a home power-washing program, as well. Please see the declaration of covenants for further details.

What is considered Common area?2023-04-19T07:05:37-05:00

The Common areas consist of our private roads, and 2 serene parks with gazebos.

Can I have pets?2023-05-01T09:35:07-05:00

The HOA allows a reasonable number of pets. Enclosure fences, including invisible fences, are not allowed.

Can I read the Declaration of Covenants?2024-02-20T07:40:31-06:00

Yes! Click Here To Read and Download: The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements for Village Grande at Ancient Oaks – Amended November 15, 2023.

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